Master's Degree Study

The Master's degree program Organic Chemistry prepares university-educated professionals who have an overview in all areas of chemistry with extensive knowledge in the field of organic chemistry. Active acquisition of theoretical knowledge and mastering practical skills within the study enable them to independently solve challenging problems.

Students gain knowledge about the structure and stereochemistry of organic compounds, their reactivity and mechanisms of their chemical transformations. They become acquainted with recent as well as classical methods of organic synthesis and ways to determine the structure and composition of organic compounds and the course of chemical reactions. Students become familiar with exploration of main chemical databases and information sources, with methods of molecular modelling as well as laboratory practice focused on mastering modern laboratory techniques.

The graduates are very well prepared, both theoretically and practically, to fulfil demanding tasks in chemical research and practice. Upon successful completion of the study, they will be able to:

  • Master theoretical foundations of all chemistry disciplines (inorganic, organic, physical, analytical chemistry, biochemistry, nuclear chemistry, environmental chemistry).
  • Explain the basic theoretical and methodological aspects of organic chemistry, the relationship between structure and reactivity of organic compounds and comprehensively examine their interconversions.
  • Master basic physical and chemical methods of analyses, separation and identification of organic compounds.
  • Master advanced organic synthesis and use it in practice.
  • Work with the basic sources of chemical information and orient in the chemical literature
  • Be aware of environmental aspects of chemical research and production.
  • Prepare reports containing the results of their work and present them at a scientific meeting.
  • Assess the risks of working with dangerous chemicals and handle the chemical compounds safely.

Graduates of the organic chemistry master's degree program have theoretical and practical knowledge that will enable them to continue their studies in doctoral study programs of chemistry and other related science and technology fields on domestic or foreign universities as well as other academic institutions.

Admission Procedures

All applicants, if not exempted, are required to complete the entrance examination whose content and scope corresponds to the final exam of the Chemistry bachelor's study program as the master program is its “follow-up” program.

The master's degree in Organic chemistry study program is directly related to the undergraduate courses in the field of Chemistry. For candidates who study at the Faculty of Science, Masaryk University in bachelor's degree programs with a direct link, the written part of the state final exam held in the spring semester of the previous academic year replaces the entrance exam.

Useful Links

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Study regulations
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Information for students on the web of the Department of Chemistry

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