Organic Chemistry as a Study Field

Organic chemistry is a field of science that focuses on the structure, properties and reactions of organic molecules. The field combines general knowledge about organic molecules, methods of their synthesis and structural analysis, empirical relationships between structure and chemical reactivity, and computational chemistry. Organic chemistry deals with the synthesis of new organic molecules, chemical reactivity and the underlying mechanisms, kinetics of chemical reactions, development of new synthetic methodologies, and stereochemical aspects of organic reactions. Structure determination and analysis for novel organic molecules is based on the use of modern physico-chemical methods, such as nuclear magnetic resonance, infrared spectroscopy, absorption / emission / Raman spectroscopy, mass spectrometry, X-ray crystallography and high-performance chromatography, which are inherent part of the chemistry research.

Organic chemistry program at Masaryk University provides students with the opportunity to obtain education at the bachelor, master and PhD levels. Accepted students take specialized courses and actively participate in experimental research on the projects currently pursued by individual groups at the Department of Chemistry.































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