Organic Chemistry Seminar Series

Spring 2018


Datum Speaker


Prof. Alexander Heckel (Goethe Universität Frankfurt),  2 pm, room A11-132
Title: Regulation of Nucleic Acids in Time and Space
4.10. Dr. Prabhakar Tharra (previous research, Indian Institute of Technology – Madras, India), 2 pm, room A11-305

Dr. Zoran Kokan (previous research, University of Warsaw, Poland), 2 pm, room A11-305


Prof. Oliver Reiser (University of Regensburg, Germany), 2pm, room A11-305

Title: The different faces of photocatalysts - which are best for Organic Synthesis?

25.10. Prof. Mathias Christmann (Freie Universität Berlin, Germany), 2 pm, room A11-132 
Title: Synthesis of polycyclic terpenes

Michal Poljak (undergraduate research, Klán group), 2pm, A11-305

Václav Němec (doctoral research, Paruch group), 2 pm, A11-305

8.11. Lenka Filipová & Dr. Peter Štacko (doctoral/postdoctoral research, Klán group), 2 pm, A11-305

Tomáš Vranka(undergraduate research, Klán group), 2pm, A11-305

Julian Vazques Gonzalvez (doctoral research, Šindelář group), 2 pm, A11-305

22.11. Marina Russo (doctoral research, Klán group), 2 pm, A11-305
Kamil Maršálek (undergraduate research, Šindelář group), 2 pm, A11-305

Prof. Radovan Šebesta (Comenius University in Bratislava, Slovakia)

Prof. Viktor Milata (Slovak Technology Institute in Bratislava, Slovakia)


Wolfgang Lindner from University of Vienna, Austria

Title: The versatility of liquid chromatographic enantiomer separation concepts with focus on the potential of chiral ion exchangers


Lucyna Michalska (doctoral research, Švenda group)

Dr. Pia Jurček (previous research, University of Manchester, UK), 2 pm, A11-305




Mimořádné akce


XD107 Doctoral Conference in Chemistry
Friday, Feb 10, 2017, 9:00 (A11/132)
























Special Events


XD107 Doctoral Conference in Chemistry
Friday, Feb 10, 2017, 9:00 (A11/132)
























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