Doctoral Study

The Ph.D. study is suitable for gifted students with a broad multidisciplinary perspective across the boundaries of the discipline with enthusiasm for deep and specialized studies and experimental or theoretical work in above-standard equipped workplaces. The program aims to provide the students with theoretical and practical knowledge, and essential experimental skills in organic chemistry, which will enable them to carry out rigorous scientific work in the future and help them advance the field. Senior students are expected to be more independent in their research activities and should be able to make analyses and draw conclusions from their experimental findings. An inherent part of this process is developing skills needed to produce high-quality scientific writings, both in Czech and English, and to prepare oral research presentations for scientific conferences. The ultimate goal of the chemistry program is to raise internationally competitive scientists capable of carrying out independent and creative work either in academia or in the applied research and industry.

As part of their studies, students have the opportunity to visit different research institutions in the Czech Republic and abroad, either under the umbrella of the student exchange programs (e.g., Erasmus) or through individual support by the institution or the principal investigator. Participation of the students at domestic and especially at international conferences is highly encouraged.

A graduate from the chemistry PhD program:

  • Possesses general as well as specific knowledge in the field of organic chemistry with an interdisciplinary overlap to other fields in life sciences.
  • Can effectively work with the primary scientific literature.
  • Is able to independently propose and carry out a synthetic route to new organic molecules.
  • Is able to propose and experimentally test mechanism of organic reactions based on the good working knowledge of physico-chemical relationships between the structure and reactivity of organic molecules.
  • Can work with basic physico-chemical techniques to determine the structure of organic compounds.
  • Possesses basic working knowledge of fundamental methods of molecular modeling and simple quantum chemical calculations using commercially available software.
  • Is able to independently work on a new scientific problem.

Successful graduates from the chemistry PhD program find jobs at research universities and the institutes of the Czech Academy of Sciences, as well as in the private sector with focus on the process and pharmaceutical chemistry. They also possess skills and knowledge required to take on group leader and management positions.

Information about the admission process and the course of the study can be found on the website of the Faculty of Science.

The requirements for a successful study and its completion can be found on the website of the Faculty of Science.

Useful Links

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