Doctoral Study

The Ph.D. study is suitable for gifted students with a broad multidisciplinary perspective across the boundaries of the discipline with enthusiasm for deep and specialized studies and experimental or theoretical work in above-standard equipped workplaces. The aim of the study is active mastering of theoretical and practical knowledge and skills, gaining the ability to develop the discipline, and learning critical and self-critical scientific thinking. In more advanced stages of the study, a considerable degree of autonomy at work on the assigned topics, handling of the scientific results, ability to write high-quality academic texts in both Czech and English languages, and active participation at scientific conferences are anticipated. The mission of this study is preparation of internationally-competitive, qualified professionals for independent and creative work in both academic and application/corporate spheres.

After a successful completion of the study, the doctoral study program graduate is able to:

  • Use a deep and broad knowledge of organic chemistry as a subdiscipline, with a multidisciplinary overlap with other scientific fields.
  • Use the available literature for obtaining scientific information.
  • Design and carry out the synthesis of new organic compounds.
  • Adopt the principles of basic physico-chemical techniques and use them to determine the structure of chemical compounds and study their reactions.
  • Use methods of molecular modeling and simple quantum calculations using common commercially-available programs.
  • Apply their knowledge and skills in solving new scientific problems.

The students have also the opportunity to visit domestic and foreign laboratories and institutes for further education in the field, consulting or working on joint projects, either via the student exchange programs, such as Erasmus, or with the support of the institutions and the supervisors. Support of active students to participate at national and especially international scientific conferences is an integral part of the study.

The holder of Ph.D. degree can be employed at universities, institutes of the Academy of Sciences, and in various research institutes and private companies focused on organic chemical and pharmaceutical research. The graduate should be flexible and able to adapt to the requirements of other chemical workplaces, and be also able to use his/her knowledge and ability to work independently in management positions or in fields different than the subject of his/her study.

The admission process to study a Ph.D. program in organic chemistry usually involves a personal interview with the applicant. The indicative range of requirements on professional knowledge is described in the characteristics of the master's degree in organic chemistry. Good knowledge of the English language is a necessary condition for the admission. A formal process of the admission process is provided on the website of the faculty.

The course of study of a new registered student follows the individual study plan that was designed by a supervisor upon a discussion with the student and approved by the corresponding doctoral committee. The credit value of the courses is determined by the rules defined by the Study and Examination Regulations of the Masaryk University. In the course of study, the student is required to demonstrate proficiency in academic and professional English. Beside scientific work, important parts of the program are: (a) taking courses to enhance the knowledge in the field beyond the Master's degree programs, (b) taking more specialized courses, (c) participating in doctoral seminars, and (d) assisting in teaching in bachelor’s and master’s programs. The most important part of the study is to prepare a thesis. All study requirements are doscussed on this website.

The requirements for successful study completion are given by the Study and Examination Regulations of the Masaryk University, published on the websites of the Faculty. One part of the proper completion is the doctoral state examination and the doctoral thesis defense, in which the applicant demonstrates his/her ability to present his/her scientific results and understand the problems of not only a specialized subdiscipline but also a broader field at the current level of knowledge. The doctoral thesis is mainly a summary of literature knowledge in the given field. It describes important stimulations that were important for the student’s work and contains an experimental section, showing all performed experiments in detail, and the results which are discussed in the context of the current level of knowledge. In the end, a summary of the major results is appended. According to the criteria published on the above web pages of the faculty, the original research results must be published or at least accepted for publication in reputable scientific journals.

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